Going Green with Soy Candles

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What do you think about whenever you make a candle purchase? Do you consider the scent? The shape? The colour? All of those are widespread considerations when selecting a candle to bring into your home. But when was the last time you considered environmental impact when you thought about a candle purchase?

If being environmentally pleasant is towards to top of your to-do list, you could like to know there is a type of candle that can assist you in this endeavor – soy candles.

Here’s a look on the distinction between soy candles and common candles.


Normal candles are made of paraffin wax. There have been some studies that say these candles can go away behind a small amount of soot when they’re burned. While it appears a little bit of this wouldn’t be a big deal, it all adds up, with thousands and thousands of candles being burned across the world.

Soy candles alternatively are made of soybeans and they burn clean, leaving no black soot in the air as they’re used.

Burn Time

In case you are the kind of one who likes to get more in your money, soy candles could be the higher way to go. Studies have shown that soy candles burn as much as 50% longer than their paraffin brethren. The key to this is that soy burns cooler than other candle waxes. Meaning it additionally burns slower, supplying you with more burn on your buck. This additionally means you won’t be going by way of candles as quickly, utilizing less of a resource for a similar job.

Clean Up

Even if you have jar candles, somebody is going to manage to knock one over, not less than as soon as, after which you are stuck cleaning up all that wax. While common candle wax may be a disaster to clean out of your carpet or furniture, a spilled soy jar candle is just nothing to fret about. Unlike paraffin, which is essentially waterproof, soy candle wax will be wiped up with a hot soap and water mixture.

Environmental Impact

Paraffin candles are made of petroleum. Petroleum is a limited resource. Soy candles, however are made from soybeans. Soybeans are a totally renewable resource, most of which are grown within the heartland of America. This has a double impact. Not only are they a renewable resource, that helps American farmers, however since they’re grown within the United States, they don’t seem to be traveling all over the world to get to your home. The less traveling the ingredients do, the decrease emissions from trains, trucks and other transport vessels.

What do you do when a candle is near its finish? Sooner or later you toss out the old and bring in a new candle. Soy candles are even higher for the landfill as they are made of a biodegradable material. Petroleum candles are not.

Finally, if you are going to buy soy jar candles, you’re going to get one more added environmentally pleasant bonus – the glass jar. After getting burned your candle, you’ve got a reusable jar that can be put to work in your home. Because the item inside was a natural item, there isn’t a should be nervous if it’s safe to put candy or other snacks inside the jar. Just rinse it out with scorching soapy water, to get any last soy candle residue out, and it’s ready to go.

Soy candles are sometimes understated in at present’s sales market. They’re available in varied styles and scents, but they don’t seem to be going around bragging all their benefits. They just share the cabinets with other candles hoping to discover a new home. However now that you know, you can make your candle choice not only based on scents, shapes and colors, but your environmental emotions as well.

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